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If we use a shorter timeframe of five years, the standard deviation will be lower at 21 percent, but the average annual returns will also be lower at 5.17 percent, which is lower than current bond yield of 5.5 percent, resulting in negative Sharpe ratio.
In the present study, mean and standard deviation of VLDL (in mg/dl) for A positive blood group is 24.06 [+ or -] 2.52 same way mean and standard deviation of VLDL of B positive blood group is 25.04 [+ or -] 4.03 and for B negative blood group 26.40 [+ or -] 2.16, and AB positive blood group 32.00 [+ or -] 11.24, and O positive blood group 26.54 [+ or -] 3.34, and A negative blood group, mean is 27.
In table 5 against MI dimension, statistical data given reflects that both mean and standard deviation values of rural area i.e.
Mean and standard deviation of birth weight in babies born by normal delivery were 3.0658 and 0.2928 respectively and in babies born by CS 2.9311 and 0.3197 respectively.
The average wetted depth of inline is 12.58 cm with standard deviation of 1.51 cm and the coefficient of variation is 11.97 % and the average wetted depth of online is 13.73 cm with standard deviation of 1.72 cm and the coefficient of variation is 12.55 %.
Impact of Instructor Quality on Grades and Test Scores (Figure 1) (1a) Compared to having an average instructor, having an effective instructor (one at the 87th percentile) in Math I boosts students' grades by 0.30 standard deviations in that course and by 0.20 standard deviations in the subsequent course in the math sequence.
It is consistent with the value of standard deviation of that series which is about 0.0762 Hz and it also reveals the limitation of the built meter.
In this case, the standard deviation of each picture was determined and classified.
Group sizes were all .1 to .2 inch, but there was a pretty big extreme spread and a high standard deviation. This combination likely means this ammuntion is good for 25 yards and under, but will struggle at 50 yards and beyond.
Based on the result of standard deviation, the distribution of the responses for the section was normal, except item number 6.
"The increased mortality in warmer summers was entirely due to anomalies, whereas it was the long-term average differences in the standard deviation of summer temperatures across ZIP codes that drove the increased risk," researchers wrote.

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