standard operating procedure

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standard operating procedure (SOP)

A set of instructions covering those features of operations that lend themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without the loss of effectiveness. The procedure is applicable unless ordered otherwise. The use of these procedures reduces the briefing time and helps remove any ambiguity and repetition.
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Standard Operating Procedure is primarily based on interviews with approximately twenty-six individuals who had personal experiences of Abu Ghraib in 2003 and 2004.
The importance of transforming the referral system into an electronic system is that it links all relevant parties in all relevant processes from the identification of the victim until their reintegration or voluntary return, thus enabling a consistent and expedient application of the standard operating procedure Bahrain already has in place, Alabsi said, adding, Under the digital NRM, no file is closed until all legal and administrative procedures have been completed; it also acts as a digital archive to all documents pertaining to a case.
'Instead, each exemption is based on the application made by any individual and processed according to a standard operating procedure in accordance with the Societies Act,' Masyati said.
"The standard operating procedure followed by the police - 'shoot first, ask questions later' - must come to an end!" Gatchalian said in a Twitter post.
Appended are instructions and figures on making wire loops and the standard operating procedure for preparing nutrient agar plates.
In addition, to ensure accurate document production, it is standard operating procedure in PDF file creation to use Adobe Distiller software instead of Adobe Exchange when the source documents contain encapsulated postscript (EPS) data.
The show of force is standard operating procedure for
Yet only if the government's "key escrow" schemes become standard operating procedure will our country and our codes become vulnerable in the way the novel describes them here.
Observation: As long as the courts adhere to the employee test used in Leavell in which, a personal guarantee (a standard operating procedure) is executed, it will be virtually impossible to assign income to a personal service corporation.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) had issued standard operating procedure (SOP) to Chief Executive Officers of all power distribution companies (DISCOs) for continuity of electricity during Eidul Fitr holidays.
'Kung sinusunod ion tinatawag na SOP (standard operating procedure), pinosasan, ang kamay nasa likod, 'yong tao inupo sa sasakyan [...] napaka-hirap pong ilapit 'yong kanyang dalawang kamay sa baril ng kanyang katabi (If the standard operating procedure is followed, a suspect is handcuffed.
stating that even after the due process, the Department of Defence Production (DDP) has sent back the proposal to OFB citing incorrect procedure followed and also lack of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with OFB.

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