standard pipe size

iron pipe size

The nominal inside dimension of a pipe.
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Depending on how the flow rate falls in comparison to standard pipe sizes, one size smaller condenser water piping may also be possible.
"Standard pipe sizes are typically 4-6mm bore," says Paul King.
Model FF5 Metal Separators are available in eight standard pipe sizes: 3.15 in.
K-factor values are available for all standard pipe sizes to facilitate easy calibration.
to fit 47 standard shaft sizes and six standard pipe sizes. These collars are offered in standard one- and two-piece styles, and can be customized to OEM design requirements with special threads, component mounting holes, knurls, flats, and other features.
"Because of that," he continues, "engineers and project planners often have to compromise project designs and use products available only in standard pipe sizes."
The pipe is available in standard pipe sizes and with most joints in lengths up to 20 ft.
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