standard pressure

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standard pressure

[′stan·dərd ′presh·ər]
The arbitrarily selected atmospheric pressure of 1000 millibars to which adiabatic processes are referred for definitions of potential temperature, equivalent potential temperature, and so on.
A pressure of 1 atmosphere (101,325 newtons per square meter), to which measurements of quantities dependent on pressure, such as the volume of a gas, are often referred. Also known as normal pressure.
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standard atmospheric pressure

The pressure exerted by a standard atmosphere; also see atmospheric pressure.
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The farmers on the other hand termed it a standard pressure tactics of what they call, sugar mafia.
With standard pressure loads, I have no trouble reloading cases 15 to 20 times, bringing case cost per shot to around a penny.
In fact, performing laparoscopic surgery under low versus standard pressure pneumoperitoneum could not prove differences with respect of perioperative morbidity or adverse hemodynamic effects (1).
We value partnerships and enjoy earning the trust of new customers, so let Ritrama be your one-stop shop for custom and standard pressure sensitive roll label materials.
Set your altimeter to standard pressure, 29.92, and it reads pressure altitude.
After 35 minutes of pressure on the wound (manual pressure and the pressure dressing), the standard pressure dressing was removed, being careful to leave the clot intact.
Standard pressure measurement capabilities range from 0 - 1,034 Pa (0 - 0.15 psi).
Place the wire gauge on the anvil and lower the contact foot using standard pressure. The distance from the outside edge of the contact foot to the wire gauge should be no more than 3 mm (1/8 in.).
Because of its excellent standard pressure performance that approached its +P siblings, Hornady's Critical Defense FTX load deserves special mention.
The SLF/SLDF is available in the standard pressure of 8, 10 and 13 bar.

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