standards bodies

standards bodies

Following are some of the standards bodies defined in this database. For Windows users of CDE, look up Lessons/Review/Associations. For Web users of CDE's online HTML version, review the Lessons list at the bottom of the definition. See standards.

 Body     Responsible for

 ANSI     U.S. standards

 ETSI     European telecom standards

 NIST     U.S. standards

 CCIA     Computers/communications

 EIA      Interface standards; RS-232

 IEC      International standards

 IEEE     Electronics standards

 IETF     Internet standards

 ISO      International standards

 ITU      International standards

 JEDEC    IC standards

 JEIDA    Japanese electronics

 PCMCIA   PC memory card standards

 W3C      Internet

 XAPIA    X.400 standards
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Signatories include international standards bodies (such as ISO, ITU, IEC, ASTM International), regional standards bodies (covering Africa, Europe and South Asia), and national standards bodies from all world regions (including China, India, Thailand, Canada, UK, Spain, Mexico, Senegal, Morocco).
The work will ultimately inform and accelerate the development of industry standards for autonomous vehicles and harmonize with efforts of other consortia and standards bodies throughout the world," the companies said in a statement.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 3, 2015-Wireless Power Standards Bodies A4WP, PMA to Merge
Long-standing SEE member Mike Gross has recently written to us to say that he has recently retired and has therefore given up his activities with standards bodies BSI and ISO.
There can also be competition between standards bodies. In the wireless arena there are two pre-eminent entities.
02 BUILDING LINKAGES FOR EXPORT SUCCESS Trade promotion organizations and national standards bodies working together
According to a new report from Pike Research, the intense focus on smart grid cyber security from utilities, infrastructure vendors, standards bodies, and world governments is spurring a surge in revenue growth, and the cleantech market intelligence firm forecasts that the sector will increase from $1.2 billion in 2009 to $3.7 billion by 2015.
The Office of Fair Trading investigated the site following complaints to trading standards bodies.
The International Standards Organisation, which is made up of 156 worldwide standards bodies and is based in Geneva, is responsible for monitoring a business and ensuring it meets the required level to achieve the award.
Squeezing the latency from Ethernet has meant efforts by both the standards bodies and by vendors that have attacked both the network end points and the interconnect switch.
Whittington, professor of financial accounting at the University of Cambridge, will also bring into focus the current politicisation of the process, particularly in relation to IAS39 and the methods outlined for hedge accounting (see "Standards bodies at loggerheads", page 4).
Gates pleaded for more help from standards bodies in securing the internet.

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