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tank or pipe for holding water in an elevated position to create pressure in a water supply system. For a tall building, where the pressure from the mains at street level is insufficient to raise the water to the upper floors, water is pumped up to the standpipe and fed by gravity into the system.


A vertical pipe riser with multiple interior connections for fire hoses, terminated at the building facade with a fitting for a fire engine hose; may also have a connection to the main water supply.


A vertical pipe for holding a water supply for fire protection.
A high tank or reservoir for holding water that is used to maintain a uniform pressure in a water-supply system.


standpipe connection
A pipe or tank used for the storage of water, esp. for emergency use.
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Water quality is always an absolute priority of ours, so if our hydrant heroes report any illegal standpipes being used in their local area, they could potentially prevent their own water supply from being discoloured.
Yorkshire Water Authority said that measures to save water had not been adequate and standpipes would be in use in a fortnight''s time.
Many boats come with different sized standpipes for the livewell, including a short, 3-or 4-inch pipe designed to limit the amount of the water in the well and help keep crabs or shrimp alive and frisky.
But now the second standpipe should make life easier.
If the aeration gas finds it is easier to flow upwards through the bed of solids in the standpipe it will do so and less will be available to transport the solids horizontally.
Clarke, Water Department superintendent, as he unlocked the gate of the chain-link fence surrounding the town's new 500,000-gallon, steel-reinforced concrete standpipe, in service for little more than a month.
If they had no household connection, they had to carry water into the house from a public standpipe. Even in households with an inside tap, women often stored water in case the supply was interrupted.
It was a water standpipe, topped by a brass tap with handle removed, fitted in a fire hydrant chamber.
A standpipe water tower painted with the slogan Watch Belton Grow" is one of the highest reinforced concrete structures in the United States.
This AD requires measurement of the visible length of standpipe (tube) in the top assembly of the fuel strainer assembly for the correct length and the replacement of any fuel strainer assembly that does not have the correct length of standpipe.
Numerous standpipes are scattered across fields protected by tile-outlet terraces, often with one standpipe for about every two to three acres of land.
Recently, the department experienced certain water quality problems in portions of its distribution system served by water from a standpipe.