stanislaw Kunicki

Kunicki, stanisław


Born June 6, 1861, in Tbilisi; died Jan. 28, 1886, in Warsaw. Active in the Polish and Russian revolutionary movement. Son of a Polish physician.

While a student at the St. Petersburg Institute of Transportation, Kunicki joined the People’s Will (1881) and helped found the Polish-Lithuanian Social Revolutionary Party in St. Petersburg (1881). In 1882 he joined the party Proletariat I, serving as its head from September 1883 until July 1884. Through his efforts the Proletariat and People’s Will groups concluded an agreement to join forces in the struggle against tsarist autocracy. Kunicki was one of the organizers of Walka Klas, the theoretical organ of the Proletariat party. Arrested in July 1884, he was sentenced to death Dec. 20, 1885, by a military court at the trial of 29 members of Proletariat and was executed in the Warsaw citadel.