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a chemical compound containing tintin,
metallic chemical element; symbol Sn [Lat. stannum]; at. no. 50; at. wt. 118.710; m.p. 231.9681°C;; b.p. 2,270°C;; sp. gr. 5.75 (gray), 7.3 (white); valence +2 or +4. Tin exhibits allotropy; above 13.
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 in the +2 valence state.
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Effect of 0.4% stannous fluoride gel on Streptococci mutans in relation to elasomeric rings and steel ligatures in orthodontic paients.
In order to explore the effect of SAPP content on the flame retardant properties of PU, in this experiment, different content SAPP (5 wt%, 7 wt%, 9 wt%, 11 wt%, 13 wt%, 15 wt%, 17 wt%, and 19 wt%) was added to the 100 mL plastic cup, respectively, with polyester polyols 330N, 3630, triethanolamine, silicone oil, distilled water, triethylenediamine, and stannous octoate.
ORAL-B PRO-EXPERT PREMIUM GUM PROTECTION, RRP PS3.99 WELL as being a good all-rounder, this Oral-B toothpaste's specifically designed to reduce and help prevent gum problems in just four weeks, thanks to the Stannous content which kills bacteria.
His pieces are finished in crater glaze, fuming with stannous chloride and textural glazes such as dry shino and shino crawl glazes.
(50,51) Stannous fluoride toothpastes were also shown to have a significant effect on biofilm reduction and gingivitis.
The catalyst used was stannous octoate (Sn[(Oct).sub.2]) in a monomer/catalyst ratio of 5,000 (w/w).
All kits contain approximately 100 pg stannous chloride and free albumin; hence the particles need to be washed with saline before [sup.68]Ga labeling.
Poly(ethylene glycol), (PEG: 1 kDa and 4 kDa), methoxy-PEG (550 Da), stannous octoate, [epsilon]-caprolactone,, poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA), and lipopolysaccharide were procured from Sigma-Aldrich (St.
Ring-opening polymerization of the poly(D-lactide)was performed in bulk at 180[degrees]C for one hour using stannous octoate and 1-octanol as polymerization catalyst and initiator, respectively.
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Fluoride such as stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride and fluoride iontophoresis, glass ionomers resins, cyanoacrylates and corticosteroids.