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anchor, anchorage

medieval anchors, 10
anchor, 9
anchors, 1
1. A device such as a metal rod, wire, or strap, for fixing one object to another, as specially formed metal connectors used to fasten together timbers, masonry, trusses, etc.
2. In prestressed concrete, a device to lock the stressed tendon in position so that it will retain its stressed condition.
3. In precast concrete construction, a device used to attach the precast units to the building frame.
4. In slabs on grade, or walls, a device used to fasten to rock or adjacent structures to prevent movement of the slab or wall with respect to the foundation, adjacent structure, or rock.
5. A support which holds one end of a timber fast.
6. A device used to secure a window or doorframe to the building structure; usually adjustable in three dimensions; also see doorframe anchor.
8. The anchor-shaped dart in the egg-and-dart molding; also called anchor dart.
9. A device used in a piping system to secure the piping to a structure; typically provided by a metal insert in an overhead concrete slab or beam.
10. A wrought-iron clamp, of Flemish origin, on the exterior side of a brick building wall that is connected to the opposite wall by a steel tie-rod to prevent the two walls from spreading apart; these clamps were often in the shape of
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