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, annual plant (Pimpinella anisum) of the family Umbelliferae (parsley family), native to the Mediterranean region but long cultivated elsewhere for its aromatic and medicinal qualities.
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Star Anise


or true anise (Illicium verum), a plant of the family Illiaceae (formerly classified in the family Mag-noliaceae). The tree reaches a height of 10 m and has leathery evergreen leaves. It grows in Indochina, southern China, and other parts of Southeast Asia. The flowers are bisexual, polypetalous, and single. The fruits are cyclical and mul-tileaved, containing an essential oil with a composition close to that of anise oil and containing up to 90 percent anethole. This oil is used in medicine, in liqueur and vodka distillation, and in the food industry. Another species of anise, Illicium anisatum (I. religiosum)—the so-called shikimi—grows and is often cultivated in Japan, Korea, and China. It has extremely poisonous fruit containing the alkaloid skimmianine which does not differ from the fruit of the true anise. Several other representatives of the genus lllicium (which has 42 species in all) have local importance as a source of essential oils.


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Approximately 40 individuals, including 15 infants, have become ill during the past 2 years as a result of ingesting tea brewed with star anise powder.
The initial cases were identified retrospectively through a chart review at Miami Children's Hospital, after a resident at the hospital notified the Florida Poison Information Center that an infant under his care was experiencing seizures after being given star anise tea.
Place the vinegar, sugar, coriander seeds, star anise, chilli and honey in a thick-based pan and bring to the boil.
2 bottles dry white wine 500ml bottle light cider 150ml lemonade zest of a lemon and one clementine or orange (pared into strips using a vegetable peeler) 2 cinnamon sticks 1 vanilla pod, split 2 star anise 4-5 tbsp caster sugar 1 Put all the ingredients into a large pan and heat on the hob until steaming but not boiling.
Star anise brings a wonderful aniseed flavour to the curry, nice and subtle and not too overpowering, which it can be if too much is added.
1 STAR anise is, literally, a star-shaped brown pod.
INGREDIENTS: 2 x 298g tins or cartons of mandarin segments FOR THE BASE: 190g digestive biscuits 90g unsalted butter Butter for greasing FOR THE FILLING: 400g cream cheese 120g icing sugar 300ml double cream Zest of 1 orange SPICES: 1/2tsp green cardamom powder (ground cardamom seeds) 1/4tsp fennel powder (ground fennel seeds) 1/4tsp star anise powder (or some grated nutmeg) 1 whole star anise for garnish (optional) METHOD: Grease a 20cm spring-form cake tin with the butter.
Hot water and a spoonful of swiss bouillon powder went in along with the curry powder, which I made myself by grinding peppercorns, cumin, fenugreek, star anise, coriander seeds and one tsp of turmeric.
Add the mix from the food processor, a tspn mixed spice, 4 whole star anise (remove when finished cooking) or half tspn ground star anise.
Cold-weather comfort food just took a big leap forward at Lan Restaurant, where chef/owner Lan Bradeen is braising veal cheeks and finishing them with hoisin and star anise glaze.
For the mousse: 8 ounces granulated sugar 1/2 cup water 2 egg whites 4 egg yolks 1/2 cup simple syrup 1 cup heavy cream Juice of 4 limes Zest of 1 lime For the meringue: 2 egg whites 2 ounces superfine sugar 2 ounces confectioners' sugar For the parfait: 6 portions frozen mousse, from above Meringue, as needed, from above For the pineapple: 2 ounces Demerara sugar Juice of 1 lime 1 cup freshly squeezed pineapple juice 4 pods star anise 1 pod vanilla, scraped 1 pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into 1/4-inch slices For the garnish: R.