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It is well known that the Laplacian spectrum of star graph has already been determined, and star networks are one of the most common computer network topologies.
For each 312-avoiding permutation w [member of] [G.sub.n], let [F.sub.w] denote the descending star network corresponding to w by the bijection in the proof of Proposition 3.1.
The private partial network and the private-hub star network are also Pareto efficient but within a smaller range of spillover values.
The new NAS RAIDStor can be used with either PICMG 2.16 or VITA 31.1 compatible systems because these standards use dual star network topology, a fabric-based network system architecture providing highly available systems, which enables designers to take advantage of system scalability as well as availability or redundancy.
When Murdoch was last in India five years ago, his Star network was trailing in third place in the satellite and cable TV audience stakes behind satcasters Zee and Sony Entertainment Television (SET).
The STAR Network and Concord are leaders in the grocery industry with a 10-year partnership with the National Grocers Association (NGA).
This could be accomplished with a star network of 100Base-T elements.
THE OLD SCHOOL STAR NETWORK: Clockwise,from above, right, Kelly Dalglish,Paul Dalglish,father,Kenny,and Alan Hansen
Take the following sentence, the beginning of the "Star Network" entry, for example: "A computer network with a star network topology, in its simplest form, consists of one central, or hub computer which acts as a router to transmit messages between connected computers by a store-and-forward or switching system." There are six possible links in that sentence alone (computer network, topology, hub, router, store-and-forward, and switching).
To accommodate China's rulers, Murdoch removed the BBC from the Star network after the BBC broadcast documentaries critical of the Chinese government.
Beijing ZAccess Systems Ltd., Beijing QXComm Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd., Fujian Star Network Technology Co., Ltd., Chunrui Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Radio Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.