starter strip

starter strip, starting strip

The first course of composition roofing material, applied along a line adjacent to the eaves.
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The bottom of the starter strip (the part the bottom panel hooks on to) should be at least 1 in.
"There was almost 3 by 4 of a mile of trim we had made for the building of that double-tongued starter strip, as we called it," O'Brien says.
This uniquely designed profile features a drip cap with a 1 1/2, integrated, tapered starter strip that works as a nailing flange or a 3/8" thick starter strip nailing flange.
Balfour Beatty and Colas have been working at Ronaldsway since May last year focusing on the runway reconstruction and also the taxiway, starter strip and RESA construction at the western, landward end of the airport.
7 asks for a 405m (1,328ft) extension to the existing 2,605m runway as well as a 150m starter strip and a new air traffic control tower.
In addition, they manufacture siding starter strip, corners and moldings to support Sell-Even.
I just hate this." The problem, Paul quickly realizes, is that the roofline itself isn't even all the way around, which makes it hard to figure out where to put the starter strip on the bottom.
install a "starter strip" at all roof edges to prevent moisture back-up at the gutter line, install metal valley, use gaf timberline hd dual-laminated shingles, which must carry a lifetime guaranty and which must include a 130 mph wind resistant formula, install new vents, pipes, and chimney flashing.
Stenoak will construct a new starter strip for the main runway, resurface the runway and adjacent taxiways and renew the airport's ground lighting, drainage facilities, apron markings and signage.
On the subfloor at the home's perimeter, the crew screws down a thin starter strip, with a sloped drip edge facing outside.
thick treated wood starter strip along the bottom of the wall (above the foundation).
Align the first starter strip on the most prominent side, usually the front, and level around the house.