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A cessation of the normal flow of blood or other body fluids.



a stoppage or diminution of the physiological contents in the lumen of a tubular organ. The different types of stasis include stasis of the blood, or hemostasis (generally capillary or venous), stasis of the feces, or coprostasis, urinary stasis, and lym-phostasis. Stasis may result from the action of chemical and physical factors and bacterial toxins, from an impairment of blood-vessel innervation, and from a change in blood composition. Persistent hemostasis may cause tissue necrosis.

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Malone provides do discuss the concepts of hypercoagulability, vessel wall injury, and stasis, but only credit Virchow (correctly) for recognizing the importance of stasis.
In venous stasis ulcers, growth factor has been used to help speed healing after underlying disease has been treated with elevation and compression.
In my practice using ClariVein[R] for defiant venous stasis ulcers has been very successful.
Tang and Bottjer's observations do not support coordinated stasis.
It's hard to talk dynamism in a political world that expects stasis - right down to urging people to calculate their future taxes based on their present circumstances.
The first STASIS case was performed by Principal Investigator Professor Dr.
Theranox plans to use the financing to fund clinical trials and commercialize the use of gaseous Nitric Oxide for the treatment of chronic wounds such as Diabetic Ulcers and Venous Stasis Ulcers, as well as for other topical applications such as the treatment of post-surgical infections.
With Permaseal, MID believes it possesses the only truly self-sealing, sutureless transapical access device, and we look forward to the initiation of the STASIS trial and subsequent data as evidence of its value.
Chung's latest work, with Q Takeki Maeda, shares a sense of productive stasis with the films of Clemens von Wedemeyer, or with Waiting for Godot.
Very few auteurs - Antonioni and Tarkovsky come to mind - can achieve profundity with this kind of cinema of stasis, and even they weren't always successful.
Civilization does not move forward in a smooth arc with measured pace but, rather, in clumsy lurches and dizzying eruptions, interspersed with quieter periods of stasis.
It is used for moistening absorbent wound dressings and for debriding and cleaning acute and chronic dermal lesions, such as Stage I-IV pressure ulcers, stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first- and second-degree burns, abrasions and minor irritations of the skin.