state diagram

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In it, each locus of dialogue is described as a separate object with a single-thread state diagram, which can be suspended and resumed, but retains state.
The addition of the signal to be measured (tested) changes the fundamental system phase state diagram from the chaotic critical state to the large-scale periodic state.
Based on state vectors data, our aim is to construct the NRTK state diagram from the network and baseline.
In terms of strain-force model of reinforced concrete structures, resistance force and other effects mean a prototype of a real process of deformation of concrete and reinforced concrete elements and structures reproduced by some of the generalized state diagram. It should be emphasized that the basis of modern deformation models of reinforced concrete elements and structures resistance to power action laid discretization design schemes and their representation in the form of a set of elements of certain structural levels.
That it is not a Muller circuit working external the fundamental mode either as internally several transitions will take place as shown in the state diagram. This is similar to cyclic sequential circuit where gate delays are used to separate individual states.
The initial state of the system in the state diagram is [S.sub.0], the intermediate state is [S.sub.i], and N is the termination status.
Animations are based on the state diagram and they are the basis for interactions in virtual environments.
Daengdej A test generation method based on state diagram. JATIT 2010: p.
The state diagram of this system is depicted in Figure 2.
Figure 1(b) shows the state diagram for an LTE mobile device.
He explained the concept of glass transition and the state diagram of processed foods.

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