state flowers

state flowers.

Each state of the United States has designated, usually by legislative action, one flower as its floral emblem; the rose has been designated by Congress as the national flower of the United States. The floral emblem of the District of Columbia is the American Beauty rose; the state flowers are: Alabama, camellia; Alaska, forget-me-not; Arizonia, saguaro cactus blossom; Arkansas, apple blossom; California, golden poppy; Colorado, mountain columbine; Connecticut, mountain laurel; Delaware, peach blossom; Florida, orange blossom; Georgia, Cherokee rose; Hawaii, red hibiscus; Idaho, syringa; Illinois, violet; Indiana, peony; Iowa, wild rose; Kansas, sunflower; Kentucky, goldenrod; Louisiana, magnolia; Maine, pine cone and tassel; Maryland, black-eyed Susan; Massachusetts, mayflower; Michigan, apple blossom; Minnesota, lady-slipper; Mississippi, magnolia; Missouri, hawthorn; Montana, bitterroot; Nebraska, goldenrod; Nevada, sagebrush; New Hampshire, purple lilac; New Jersey, violet; New Mexico, yucca; New York, rose; North Carolina, dogwood; North Dakota, prairie rose; Ohio, red carnation; Oklahoma, mistletoe; Oregon, Oregon grape; Pennsylvania, mountain laurel; Rhode Island, violet; South Carolina, yellow jasmine; South Dakota, pasqueflower; Tennessee, iris; Texas, bluebonnet; Utah, sego lily; Vermont, red clover; Virginia, dogwood; Washington, coast rhododendron; West Virginia, rhododendron; Wisconsin, violet; Wyoming, Indian paintbrush.
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Plant them among hellebores with black or state flowers (such as Black Diamond), suggests hybridizer Marietta O'Byrne of Northwest Garden Nursery, Those dark flowers often last through May.
Coast to Coast in Punch Needle: The 50 States, State Flowers, Birds, & Trees" is a complete and comprehensive guide to creating needlecraft patterns dedicated to each of the fifty states, with information involving each state's official nickname, motto, tree, bird, and flower.
From former presidents to state flowers, when you mail a letter today there are lots of different stamp designs to choose from.
Travel state to state learning the capitals, populations, state flowers, animals and mottoes.
This year's ornament features the state flowers of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida which are arranged on holiday wreaths and printed in full color.
Max's latest work -- featuring his signature heart and the state flowers of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama -- will be unveiled on the steps of the Capital Building on Thursday, October 20.
Whenever possible, we included state flowers (to learn which ones can grow in pots, see page 163).
The state flower of Alaska (forget-me-not) and the ferns and conifers that grow in southeastern Alaska's lower elevations inspired this arrangement.
State flowers like poppies are a 'round the clock no-no, but most flowers should be picked in the early morning or after sundown.

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