static deflection

residual deflection

A deflection resulting from an applied load which remains after the removal of the load.
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In general, with vibrations down from the roof, you can install a 2-inch static deflection spring isolation system, and you will probably need seismic controls in place to stay within seismic codes," says Spencer.
An experimental leaf springs model was verified by using a leaf springs test rig that could measure vertical static deflection of leaf springs under static loading condition.
The method utilizes virtual static deflection estimated by the modal flexibility matrix which, in turn, is formed by using the modal parameters, such as natural frequencies and mode shapes.
This static deflection (depending upon the position of the mass) is given by y(L) = Mg[(x).
The stiffness of the metal structure of the crane was established with reference to the value of static deflection on lifting the maximum cargo.
Among the 13 topics are geotechnical forensic engineering, using failure case studies in a construction management course, identifying damage to beam-like structures through static deflection and natural frequency as damage indicators, considering human factors when investigating structural failures, and forensic applications of commercial remote sensing and spatial information technologies.
The calculated static deflection of the beam is compared with the analytical solution, described hereafter and with the finite element modeling and experimental results.
Static deflection is how much the isolator (spring or elastomeric) deflects under the weight of the equipment.
Elastomer QC software, described in company literature, is an extension of the firm's dynamic characterization and static deflection software used to determine the basic material properties of a test specimen.
Static deflection under a point load and natural frequency are known to be good indicators of serviceability performance of wood floors.
For a machine that is designed to operate at 30 hertz, the natural frequency for the machine on its rubber suspension should be no more than 10 hertz - and preferably less - so the elastic static deflection should be at least 0.