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(formerly Stance), a genus of plants of the family Plumbaginaceae. They are perennial herbs and, more rarely, subshrubs. The leaves are large and usually only radical. The small pink, purple, or yellow pentamerous flowers are in panicles. The stigmata are filiform. There are approximately 300 species, distributed throughout the world, primarily from the eastern Mediterranean Region and Central Asia. Approximately 35 species are found in the USSR. They usually grow in saline soils and on dry mountain slopes, predominantly in the Southeast European USSR, the Caucasus, and Middle Asia. The roots, which contain tannins, have been used for a long time to tan hide. Yellow, green, pink, and black pigments are also obtained from the plant for use by the leather and carpet industries. Several species, including Limonium latifolium and winged sea lavender (L. sinuatum), are grown as ornamentals.

Members of the genus Goniolimon, which have capitate stigmata, are often included in the genus Limonium. There are more than 20 species, distributed from Algeria to Central Asia. Approximately 15 species are found in the USSR, growing in the southern part of the European USSR, the Caucasus, Middle Asia, and Southern Siberia. One of the most common species is Goniolimon speciosum; it is cultivated, along with the species G. eximium and G. tataricum, as an ornamental.


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I just couldn't be without statice in the spring-summer garden and the annual species I grow are Limonium sinuatum?
Both species of statice were able to complete their life cycles under highly saline conditions.
The most popular flower in Japan by far is chrysanthemums, followed by carnations, roses, gypsophila and statice.
Amum, dogtooth violet, heather, hyacinth, lace, and statice were added.
Primarily this study aims at estimating efficiency in Statice (cut-flower) production and also investigating some socioeconomic factors responsible for inefficiency.
Her bouquet of sunflowers, purple statice, and Viking poms was wrapped in burlap, lace and her great-great-grandmother's handmade handkerchief.
Sunset Landscape supervisor Rick LaFrentz suggests his own summer favorite to start now: "Annual statice are available in so many colors.
They displayed various kind of plants at their stalls including Petunia, Pensy, Mesembry, Marigold, Carination, Statice, Phlyx and Allysum.
PLANT a sunny, sheltered border with a butterfly banquet of scented and nectar-rich shrubs, such as buddleja, hebe, lavender and honeysuckle and fill the gaps with perennials, such as cone flowers, yarrow, asters, pinks and statice interspersed with a sprinkling of nightscented stock seeds to provide a sweet summer snack for moths.