stave core

continuous block core, edge-glued core, stave core

A solid core consisting of blocks of wood which are bonded together and sanded to a smooth uniform thickness; used in wood doors, panels, etc.

lumber core, stave core

Wood core consisting of narrow strips of lumber edge-glued together; usually held in place by veneer which is glued to both faces with the grain of the veneer at 90° to that in the core.
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Variable Privacy Door core choices come in particleboard, stave core, and structural composite lumber.
Core choices for the variable privacy door come in particleboard, stave core and structural composite lumber.
Marshfield DoorSystems [TM] has expanded its family of Environmental Class [TM] wood door products to include a fire-rated environmental mineral core door and Forest Stewardship Council-certified stave core doors, which do not contain any added urea-formaldehyde.
And years ago, stave core doors were the norm in the days before particleboard, but the cost of lumber and the advances in particleboard technology have made particleboard a popular choice for cores."
However, as adhesive improved, cores (called "stave cores") were made from rows of short blocks of wood glued together inside a light frame and sandwiched between the plywood skins.