steam box

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steam box, curing kiln

An enclosure for the steam curing of concrete products.
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Pick the 60-minute abhyangam massage, personalized to the individual, and followed by 15 minutes in the steam box, for $85.
Steam flow to the steam block is for the input, turbine power for the output in order to identify the values of the power part of the turbine high pressure cylinder KA, steam box of control valves and time constants of the intermediate-pressure steam reheater [T.
Conversely, the papermaker could also accomplish this by making a capital investment in a shoe press or steam box.
Nakatani said his throat was irritated by chlorine in the jockeys-room steam box, where he sat for more than an hour to knock off two pounds after being announced at 124 early in the day.
2 of the branch "Grodno TPP-2" of RUE "Grodnoenergo" for the installation of the front chimney seal, the clips of the front end seal, the clips of the diaphragms 1-4, the steam box of the directing device
The steam box dries fabrics before they enter the machine and can be moistened openly with the moistening box installed at the entry.
The OS will help you bring PC gaming to your big screen TV and is Valve's first step towards the Steam Box PC.
Best known as a software company behind acclaimed video games like "Half Life" and "Left 4 Dead" and its digital distribution platform Steam, the Steam Box is a (http://www.
The drying line modernisation includes a new shoe press, a new steam box, a new pulper and a new broke conveyor.
A new steam box in the press section was installed by VIB System, Germany.
The whole process is simple: I spent five minutes in a steam box before lowering myself into a Victorian bath full of hot water pumped from the Atlantic and seaweed which was collected from the beach that morning.