steam condenser

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steam condenser

[′stēm kən‚den·sər]
(mechanical engineering)
A device to maintain vacuum conditions on the exhaust of a steam prime mover by transfer of heat to circulating water or air at the lowest ambient temperature.

Steam condenser

A heat-transfer device used for condensing steam to water by removal of the latent heat of steam and its subsequent absorption in a heat-receiving fluid, usually water, but on occasion air or a process fluid. Steam condensers may be classified as contact or surface condensers.

In the contact condenser, the condensing takes place in a chamber in which the steam and cooling water mix. The direct contact surface is provided by sprays, baffles, or void-effecting fill. In the surface condenser, the condensing takes place separated from the cooling water or other heat-receiving fluid (or heat sink). A metal wall, or walls, provides the means for separation and forms the condensing surface.

Both contact and surface condensers are used for process systems and for power generation serving engines and turbines. Modern practice has confined the use of contact condensers almost entirely to such process systems as those involving vacuum pans, evaporators, or dryers, and to condensing and dehumidification processes inherent in vacuum-producing equipment such as steam jet ejectors and vacuum pumps. The steam surface condenser is used chiefly in power generation but is also used in process systems, especially in those in which condensate recovery is important. Air-cooled surface condensers are used in process systems and in power generation when the availability of cooling water is limited. See Steam, Steam turbine, Vapor condenser

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The performance of steam condenser decreases in time and can be restored to its initial state by performing cleaning operations.
4 as an abnormality in its steam condenser emerged after repairs had been carried out based on a faulty manual.
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This was an improvement on Newcomen's earlier design in that its steam condenser was separate from the piston cylinder.
The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Organization signed a contract for the design and supply of the ITER steam condenser with a consortium comprising China Nuclear Power Engineering Co Ltd and Suzhou Thvow Technology Limited Liability Company on Nov 7.
The new 1,350 MW power plant will consist of three 450 MW (megawatt) GTCC power generation systems, each incorporating an M701G gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, heat recovery steam generator and air-cooled steam condenser.
Larger industrial applications include the steam condenser, flue gas reheater, and air preheater.
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4 as an abnormality emerged in its steam condenser after repairs had been carried out based on a faulty manual.
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4 reactor at the Genkai nuclear power plant in Saga Prefecture automatically shut down Tuesday afternoon after an abnormality was detected in the steam condenser of its secondary cooling water system, operator Kyushu Electric Power Co.