steel H-pile


1. Any steel H-section used as a bearing pile.
2. A steel H-beam used as a pile.
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Tenders are invited for removal of the existing bridge and the construction of a new 76~-0" single span, 10 degree skew, type vi concrete i-girder and concrete deck bridge with steel h-pile foundation, concrete abutments, sl-1 guardrail and all appurtenances.
Every other shaft was rein forced with a steel H-pile, and the shafts were filled with concrete grout to form a wall.
Construction of a new two lane, single span, 18 metre long bridge with 700 mm deep prestressed concrete box stringers, steel H-pile foundation, cast-in-place concrete abutments, deck and parapets; construction of approximately 125 metres of asphalt paved approaches; removal and disposal of the existing 3.