steel decking

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decking, 1
1. The thick boards or planks used as structure flooring, usually for long spans between joists or for heavy service; also called planking.
2. Light-gauge sheets of metal which are ribbed, fluted, or otherwise integrally stiffened for use in constructing a floor or roof.
3. See roof decking.
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Producing both standard and premium specialty deck profiles, these assets represented over 8% of 2014 domestic steel decking market share.
Table 3 shows the laying sequence of steel decking based on the date.
The building is steel frame with poured concrete over steel decking, and employs two separate facades of contrasting gray, thermal-finished granite, blue-green glass, and stainless steel.
Ideal for rack decking, mezzanine sub flooring and dust covers on in-plant offices, the steel decking is available in a variety of gauges, widths, types and finishes.
The project is generally described as an approximately 75 foot tall galvanized steel framed tower for rappelling training and the work includes but is not limited to: concrete foundations, structural steel framing, steel decking, steel stairs, steel railings, plastic wood decking, miscellaneous metal fabrications, electrical work, standing seam metal roofing, painting, rubber mulch, landscape timbers, chain link fences and gates, a pre-engineered rock climbing wall system including associated safety equipment (auto-belays) and horizontal fall protection system.