steel tape

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tape measure, tapeline

tape measure
A steel ribbon used for the measurement of distances; in the US, surveyor’s and engineer’s tapes usually are accurately graduated in feet, tenths, and hundredths of a foot; builder’s tapes are graduated in feet, inches, and fractions of an inch; also called a steel measuring tape.
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Results of experimental modal analysis--the deformations at dangerous frequencies of the steel tape are presented in Table 3.
Tenders are invited for Supply of steel tape 30 mtr at beml, bangalore complex
Athlete~s benches, Wind indicators, Tarnishing marks, Steel tape measures, High jump laths, Electric measuring rods for high jump.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Steel Tape - 30 Mtr At Beml, Bangalore Complex
Limited Tenders are invited for Eccs Tape And Copolymer Coated Stainless Steel Tape
Limited Tenders are invited for Measuring Steel Tape Etc.
5 Mm Dia Polythene Insulated Polythene Sheathed Jelly Filled Under Ground Telephone Cable With Poly, Aluminium Moisture Barrier Annealed Copper Conductor Double Steel Tape Armored With Polythene Jacketed As Per Rdso.
Design data was ported directly to robot welding machines at the Bootle factory that position and spot weld each reinforcing bar onto steel tapes to create a carpet with each bar precisely located.
For years tape rules have included two main types: tape reels and retractable steel tapes.
Target is the only retailer that had vision," he added, referring to the way Target merchandised the Buns of Steel tapes back in the early days of the '80s fitness craze.