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see balancebalance,
instrument used in laboratories and pharmacies to measure the mass or weight of a body. A balance functions by measuring the force of gravity that the earth exerts on an object, i.e., its weight.
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(an incorrect English translation of the German Staalhof, from Middle Low German Staal, or “sample,” and Hof, or “yard,” the error resulting from the similar pronunciations of the German words Staal and Stahl, or “steel”), a name that dates from the 15th and 16th centuries for the Kontor (counter) of the German Hanseatic merchants in London, the center of Hanseatic trading in England. The Steelyard, located on the site of a German merchants’ hall known from the 13th century, was a community united in strict discipline; its members enjoyed extensive commercial privileges in England. Trade was strictly regulated by the Hanseatic League. The Steelyard had branches in several other English cities as well. In the late 16th century, the Kontor was closed; the privileges of the Hanseatic merchants were revoked, and the merchants themselves were expelled from England.


A weighing device with a counterbalanced arm supporting the load to be weighed on the short end.
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A third basic type of weighing device is the steelyard, using the principle of a poise sliding along the arm of a beam to counter-balance a load.
Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness is the conclusion to the pre-World War I adventures of Anne Steelyard, a determined and talented young Englishwoman woman seeking to avoid a destiny of 'socially correct' marriage and to secure a career as an archaeologist working in the Middle East only to be drafted by the British Secret Service and investigate some murderously ill doings of the Germans while seeking a lost and fabled city of antiquity.
Anne Steelyard and The Garden of Emptiness, Act II: The Gate of Dreams and Starlight" is the second volume of adventures starring Anne Steelyard, a very independent minded young woman whose is determined to break away from the social strictures of a dominating father and British society to live life on her own terms.
Pohang Steelers (KOR) v Sanfrecce Hiroshima (JPN), Steelyard Stadium, Pohang (19:30)
South Korea's Pohang Steelers secured vital points in their Asian Champions League campaign with a welcome 2-1 victory over Japan's Sanfrecce Hiroshima at the Steelyard.
18) mau 33 tap 11 ja 11 ta 11 k w iu 53 3P SG hack NUM:2 weight of steelyard 'He pressed twice with the weight of steelyard.
BRIAN LAWS secured a weekend of domestic bliss but it was steelyard blues for Blades chief Bryan Robson as his expensive misfits flopped to another embarrassing reverse.
In another case, the grand court of revision wanted to punish a merchant for using a non-standard steelyard in his transactions.
She was last seen sitting eating outside a chip shop in the town, in an area known as The Steelyard.