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see balancebalance,
instrument used in laboratories and pharmacies to measure the mass or weight of a body. A balance functions by measuring the force of gravity that the earth exerts on an object, i.e., its weight.
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(an incorrect English translation of the German Staalhof, from Middle Low German Staal, or “sample,” and Hof, or “yard,” the error resulting from the similar pronunciations of the German words Staal and Stahl, or “steel”), a name that dates from the 15th and 16th centuries for the Kontor (counter) of the German Hanseatic merchants in London, the center of Hanseatic trading in England. The Steelyard, located on the site of a German merchants’ hall known from the 13th century, was a community united in strict discipline; its members enjoyed extensive commercial privileges in England. Trade was strictly regulated by the Hanseatic League. The Steelyard had branches in several other English cities as well. In the late 16th century, the Kontor was closed; the privileges of the Hanseatic merchants were revoked, and the merchants themselves were expelled from England.

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A weighing device with a counterbalanced arm supporting the load to be weighed on the short end.
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In 1381 the London Steelyard was wrecked by followers of Wat Tyler during the Peasants' Revolt and it was besieged again in 1492 by Londoners who resented its trading privileges.
Oklahoma Avenue to a 2,000-square-foot retail spot in The Steelyard development.
U.S.-film-schooled multihyphenate Sasha Valenti's first feature "Tasty Bits" is set in her native Russia, but recalls '70s Stateside pics like "Between the Lines" and "Steelyard Blues" for its amiably shaggy caper plot hinged on counterculture hipster types.
Commencing with a review of background for the social history of emigrants, it then traces the transformation of the Hanse of Cologne merchants in London into the Hanse Teutonicorum of the London Steelyard. A third chapter looks at currency exchange and effectively establishes the early existence of a highly developed economic nexus between Germany and England.
In any case, the public cannot be supposed capable of such discriminations, all the less so when it is readily imaginable that ten plates of steel found in a steelyard and arrayed to look like "Twain" would have no claim to the status of art at all.
The area median income is $47,000.<br />Other preferences are for projects that would integrate affordable units with different income levels.<br />Two recent projects constructed by private developers that had a mix of income levels include The Steelyard in Bricktown and The Douglass, which is the former Page Woodson School.<br />The Douglassis next to new market-rate housing units called The Douglass Next Door.<br />A similar project could also check two boxes off the city's preference list, redevelopment in an old building and an area that the city is trying to revitalize.
MIDDLESBROUGH TOWN HALL: Bookends, 7.30pm, PS12.50; EAGLESCLIFFE, BLUES AT THE BAY, CLEVELAND BAY: Tim Graham & The Black Cats; THE GREEN ROOM, STOCKTON: Rock Garden Revisited, Scant Regard & support, 8pm, PS5 SATURDAY .STOCKTON (VARIOUS VENUES): Counterfest, from 6pm, PS10 adv, PS12 on day; WESTGARTH, MIDDLESRBOUGH: Jon Harvison, 7.30pm, PS6; EAGLESCLIFFE, BLUES AT THE BAY, CLEVELAND BAY: Steelyard Blues; HARDWICK HALL HOTEL: Hardwick Live Garden Party, noon-11pm MONDAY .ARC, STOCKTON: The Magic Numbers, 8pm, PS13.50; MIDDLESBROUGH REFERENCE LIBRARY: By Toutatis/Natasha Haws/ Dressed Like Wolves TUESDAY .THE KEYS, MIDDLESBROUGH: Mixtape, 8.30pm, free before 10pm/PS2 after THURSDAY .DR BROWN'S, MIDDLESBROUGH: 4Play, Free
37 The Steelyard was for 300 years up to 1598 a part of London where German merchants lived and worked exempt from English law - to which powerful organisation did they belong?
It is significant that these 'Stranger' communities, numbering some 5,000 individuals in London during the final years of Henry VIII's reign, particularly the resident Hanseatic merchant enclave at the Steelyard on the City waterfront, were instrumental to the introduction of Reformation ideology and the foundation of the first Protestant churches in the metropolis by the mid-sixteenth-century.
A FORMER steelyard worker living on disability benefits has appealed for help to keep alive his dream of seeing his four sons becoming ballet dancers.