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1. a horse race over a course equipped with obstacles to be jumped, esp artificial hedges, ditches, water jumps, etc.
2. a track race, usually of 3000 metres, in which the runners have to leap hurdles, a water jump, etc.
3. Archaic
a. a horse race across a stretch of open countryside including obstacles to be jumped
b. a rare word for point-to-point



(1) In track and field, a race run for a distance of 3,000 m; held in a stadium, on a 400-m-long track with various obstacles. There are five hurdles, measuring 91.4 cm in height, one of which is placed before a stretch of water.

(2) In equestrian sports, a race held on a course 4,000–7,000 m long, with a maximum of 30 complex stationary obstacles; for horses four years old and older.

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Last weekend the 32-year-old schoolteacher lined up against some of the country's leading steeplechasers and he produced the run of his life to record 9min 6.
Three other Scots - hurdler Eilidh Child, steeplechaser Eilish McColgan and 800 runner Lynsey Sharp - are preparing for their first Olympics and McConnell said: "If they want advice, I'll help them out but they're doing pretty well as it is.
It was the perfect portrayal of a topclass steeplechaser doing what it had been bred to do - namely jumping a fence with both precision and poise, speed and style.
7 Steeplechaser Fighting Chance gave which NH jockey his 2000th career winner at Newbury last Wednesday?
ATHLETICS: British steeplechaser Helen Clitheroe is confident of knocking 10 seconds off her own national record this year.
Chris Hesketh emphasised his emergence as a top steeplechaser by taking the 1500m in 4.
Commonwealth Games steeplechaser Tina Brown, back from three weeks of altitude training in France, will be using the women's race to assess her form, and Tamworth's Mark Williams is favourite for the incorporated race walk.
Brothers Michael and Tom Holden, two of the three sons of Olympic steeplechaser Andy, will be among those covering the shorter distance.
He has just had a sore knee, which is serious enough for a steeplechaser, but we are giving it all the time we can.
Meanwhile, steeplechaser Eilish McColgan will turn full-time this summer ahead of next year's Commonwealth Games.
Rupp, the 2012 Olympic silver medalist in the 10,000, beat a talented field that included Morocco's Abdelaati Iguider, the Olympic bronze medalist in the 1,500, and Kenya's Paul Koech, the third-fastest steeplechaser in history.
The steeplechaser is desperate to bag a place in the British team and believes the tent will help her prepare for a tough training camp in the Italian mountains next month.