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Decorative painting on interior walls, consisting of repetitive patterns applied by brushing paint onto the surface through openings cut in the stencil.
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the reproduction of text and graphic images using a stencil through which the ink reaches the material to be printed.

The most common method of stenciling is called the silk screen process; in this case, the stencil is a silk or polymer screen stretched on a frame. The segments of the screen corresponding to blank places in the image are covered with a compound that is impermeable to the ink. During printing, the viscous ink is forced through the openings of the screen onto the receiving surface by the pressure of a rubber squeegee. The thickness of the ink layer on a copy is 10–30 times greater than in offset or letterpress printing, which requires artificial drying and limits the productivity of printing machines to 1,000 copies per hr.

Stenciling is used to print on sheet and roll materials (paper, plastic, metal, and the like) or on finished articles such as ampuls and bottles. It is also used for small-job printing of documents and for the production of advertising posters, wrapping paper, printed-circuit cards, instrument scales, and books for the blind.


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