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any brief, rapid system of writing that may be used in transcribing, or recording, the spoken word. Such systems, many having characters based on the letters of the alphabet, were used in ancient times; the shorthand of Tiro, Cicero's amanuensis, was used for
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Later as Schur spoke about guest stars on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine,'' he ended his sentence with "I am a stenographer.
Although Karjatkar's suicide note directly blames the stenographer for his decision to end his life, police are still waiting for his wife to lodge a formal complaint.
AT YOUR SERVICE: stewardesses on White Star Line's Teutonic seen in 1889 (main picture); the hairdresser, shop assistant and stenographer from the Empress of France liner in 1956.
Then Price and Walker held a Q & A, during which they explained that the woman onstage behind them, Casey Klavi, was, in fact, a freelance stenographer, who had been recording the event since Singer began talking.
In 2001, Abu-Jamal's attorneys produced a sworn statement from a court stenographer who said she overheard Sabo saying he would help the prosecution "fry the nigger" during the trial.
Often the stenographer who records the testimony will administer the oath.
So he hires pretty yet opinionated stenographer Emma (Kate Hudson) to help him type up his flights of fancy and hit that (gulp
Now this wasn't an incident in the jockeys' toilets, or a brush with a couple of punters round the back of the stands, this was an inquiry into something that was alleged to have happened in front of three stewards, a stipendiary steward, a stewards' secretary and a stenographer.
He hires stenographer Emma (Kate Hudson) to help him bash out the manuscript in double-quick time.
She was the youngest of the contestants and worked as a stenographer.
A stenographer proofreads a finished transcript, then e-mails it to White House aides.
He's typically the voice that lawyers and judges hear when they call his offices looking for a stenographer.