step flashing

stepped flashing

stepped flashing
A metal flashing used at the intersection of a wall and a sloping roof; the upper edge of the vertical part of the flashing steps down, following the general inclination of the roof; the horizontal edges are fastened to raggle cut in the brickwork of masonry walls.
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I have never heard the mandatory step flashing where a lower roof meets a second-story wall called baby tins.
Install new lifetime dimensional composition roof material such as GAF or equal over 30 lb felt paper including new 26 gauge galvanized roof jacks, valley flashings and replace or repair any roof to wall step flashing and stucco patch and paint as directed by the City.
Good chimney flashing includes sections of "step flashing" that run up the sides of the chimney, and "counterflashing." Counterflashing fits into grooves cut into the chimney and covers the step flashing.
The detail increases in steps down to the level of copper step flashing 30-9/16 x 46-1/4 and install narrow wall cabinets 24 to 30 inches wide.
* Metal flashing, such as step flashing or head flashing over a wooden door or Window, should be slipped under the housewrap.
BASS ACKWARDS: Even experienced subcontractors often install housewrap, step flashing, and membranes from the top down (instead of the bottom up, as is proper) so that they actually catch water and trap it behind exterior finishes.
Installation of gaf storm-guard leak barrier or approved equal, installation of 30 pound asphalt roofing felt, installation of ridge vent where necessary, installation of copper roof flanges for vent piping, installation of copper valley flashing, installation of aluminum step flashing, and supply and installation of approximately 19,600 sf of 30 year "slate line" gaf shingles or approved equal.
It's possible to reuse existing step flashing and dormer flashing, but the best way to get a watertight seal is to tear off the siding in those areas and install new flashing.
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Recently I noticed water stains on the inside wall directly below the step flashing that sealed the new roof to the house siding.
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