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see stereochemistrystereochemistry,
study of the three-dimensional configuration of the atoms that make up a molecule and the ways in which this arrangement affects the physical and chemical properties of the molecule.
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; isomerisomer
, in chemistry, one of two or more compounds having the same molecular formula but different structures (arrangements of atoms in the molecule). Isomerism is the occurrence of such compounds. Isomerism was first recognized by J. J. Berzelius in 1827.
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The "dextrorotatory isomer" is the stereoisomer that rotates plane-polarized light to the right (also called the positive (+) enantiomer), and the "levorotatory isomer" is the stereoisomer that rotates plane-polarized light to the left (also known as the negative (-) enantiomer).
This molecule possesses three centers where stereoisomers can occur, and the naturally occurring molecule is the D-[alpha]tocopherol (RRR-[alpha]-tocopherol) configuration that has the highest vitamin activity (McDonald et al.
Diastereoselective synthesis of the active stereoisomer or removal of the antagonistic diastereomer is necessary to provide an active pheromone for pest control.
So, the first product correspond to the isomerization of the terminal double bond, the other products are the two stereoisomers of the terminal double bond hydrogenation.
Focusing on the commercially available "L"-handed stereoisomer form of PLA (PLLA), Korean researchers discuss how PLA's slow crystallization speed might be accelerated.
trans-4-Hydroxy-L-proline, a cis-4-hydroxy-L-proline stereoisomer, has been used for a broad range of applications since an efficient fermentation production method was established by Kyowa Hakko Bio in 1997.
91 ppm), a common stereoisomer of phytate, was present in all soil extracts at concentrations ranging from 2 to 20 mg P/kg or <1-4% of total extractable P (Table 3).
Then, the hydrogenation of isomaltulose leads to the production of the stereoisomer, disaccharide alcohol 1-O-[ALPHA]-D-glucopyranosyl-D-mannitol dihydrate (1,1-GPM dihydrate), and 6-O-[alpha]- D-glucopyranosyl-D-sorbitol (1,6-GPS) in an approximate equimolecular mixture.
The d stereoisomer is the natural form, also named R-alpha lipoic acid.
A stereoisomer is an isomer which contains an asymmetric carbon atom bonded to four different groups in which the atoms have the same connectivity, but differ with respect to their three-dimensional orientation.