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A peg-shaped structure to which needles are attached in certain conifers.
A slender stalk arising from the basidium of some fungi, from the top of which basidiospores are formed by abstriction.
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in basidiomycetous fungi, one of the stalks of the sporebearing organ, or basidium. Basidiospores develop on the sterigmata.

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11): lamella antevaginalis absent; lamella postvaginalis T-shaped with lateral arms truncated, posterior margin with a wide median depression with semicircular patch of small bristles; inferior portion strongly constricted at the middle; ostium bursae wide, and free; bursa copulatrix less than 3 times the sterigma length; ductus bursae broad, cylindrical and sclerotized, shorter than corpus bursae; corpus bursae posteriorly jagged, anteriorly ovoid, without signa.
minima, have a more or less square and largely membranous sterigma. The lamella antevaginalis and lamella postvaginalis are fused wherein lies the ostium bursae.
Sterigma in lateral view with curved caudal edge extended to prominent point caudad from dorsal edge, cephalad edge bulbous, papillae anales robust, more-or-less quadrate but being somewhat broader ventrally, caudal edge straight.