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A peg-shaped structure to which needles are attached in certain conifers.
A slender stalk arising from the basidium of some fungi, from the top of which basidiospores are formed by abstriction.



in basidiomycetous fungi, one of the stalks of the sporebearing organ, or basidium. Basidiospores develop on the sterigmata.

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Basidia 18.0-20.2 x 5.8-6.8 [micro]m, clavate, 4-sterigmate, with basal clamp and oily contents; sterigmata up to 4.4 [micro]m long.
Basidia 16.0-28.0 x 5.6-6.8 [micro]m, clavate, 4-sterigmate, with basal clamp, with or without oily contents; sterigmata up to 4.8 [micro]m long.
Aseptate conidiophores and radiate heads with biserriate sterigmata. Bar 10 [micro]m in the pictures (1) are the same for photos 2-4, and in picture 5 is the same as the image of No.
Vesicles were hyaline, globose and brown in color, 30-75 m in diameter with uniseriate sterigmata. The conidia were brown to black, globose, rough, diameter ranging between 4.0-5.0 m (Fig.
Germination with phragmobasidia forming basidiospores on short sterigmata.
Basidia myxarioideae, ovale-subglobosae, 10 - 12 x 8 - 9 [micron]m, 2-4-cellulatae, 9 - 12 [micron]m pedunculatae, sterigmata flexuosa ad 20 - 22 [micron]m longa.
Basidia-slender and club-shaped, usually 5 spored with sterigmata 5[micro]m-6[micro]m long and dimensions of 75-85 [micro]m by 6-9 [micro]m.
The measurements of spores, basidia, cystidia and sterigmata were taken and drawings were made with the aid of a camera lucida.
Basidia 60-85 X 8-11 [micro]m, clavate, attenuate below, clamped, multiguttulate when mature; sterigmata 4, long, curved-divergent.
Basidia 26.0-30.0 x 4.5-6.0 um, 4-spored, clavate to cylindrical, hyaline to pale yellow in 5% KOH, oil contents present, sterigmata sharp, clamp connections at basidial base.