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In addition to the expression of well recognized MSC-associated cell surface antigens, such as CD73 and CD90, PDLSCs were also found to express two novel cell surface proteins: Annexin A2 and sphingosine knase 1, which are not expressed in mature cells such as skin keratinocytes and play an important role in maintaining "sternness." These proteomic findings provide a basis for further defining the cell surface protein expression profiles of PDLSCs.
In the same vein, Luo and colleagues [21] found that iPSCs grew well and "sternness" was preserved for up to two months after the addition of a low-dose antioxidant supplement.
"My hand is extremely tight on the reigns when it comes to the cast staying in character and forgetting the audience completely," he says, a note of sternness creeping into his voice.
I always loved how, for a few hours on latke days, that sternness fell away and I could see more of him, like rays of refracted light around a corner.
It is reasonable to assume that the mechanisms that regulate the sternness of ESC might be conserved across species, from the mouse to other mammalian species, such as bovine and porcine.
Finally the long-anticipated graduation day arrived, and we had a photo taken of the platoon with drill instructors Green and Black standing in mock sternness among us.
Target looked all serious and purposeful, not taking anybody's nonsense and going from one mess area to another with all the sternness in the world when suddenly he found himself confronted by a dozen of us sizing him up.
the sternness I remember in your act of dying, something in your eyes
Sutton should have made more of their chances in front of Shwan Jalal's goal, and while they were let down by their own profligacy, more importantly they were also denied by a sternness and stoicism in the Dragons defence.
Hypothesis: EMT is important in cancer sternness and metastasis resulting in failure to differentiate; thus targeting EMT and related pathways can have clinical benefits.
But, somehow, she failed to capture either the sternness of the novels or the warmth of the film.