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The 2 skin metastases of the sternomastoid and lung tumors were strongly CD10 positive like their respective primary tumors and unlike the primary skin tumors.
Weakness of trapezius or sternomastoid muscles was noted in three (4%), of the muscles of mastication in two (3%), and of the tongue in one case.
Our approach to surgical excision of these tumors is making curved incision starting close to mastoid process and taking it down over the anterior border of sternomastoid and then curving it anteriorly.
Ultrasound and MR imaging of fibromatosis colli (sternomastoid tumor of infancy).
Magnetic resonance imaging of the neck revealed a 12 x 2.5 cm mass with smooth margins, extending from the root of the neck to the submandibular gland, deep to the right sternomastoid and lateral to the carotid and jugular vessels (Fig.
Inflammatory focal myositis of the sternomastoid muscle: Is there an absolute indication for biopsy?