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The continued use of a product or service. See sticky.



the capability of a highly viscous liquid or of an elastically plastic viscous body to hold firmly to a solid surface in the form of a sufficiently thick layer. Objects and their materials are called sticky if they combine adhesion (the ability to stick to a given surface) with cohesion (interlinking of molecules within the sticking body).

The phenomenon of stickiness is a specific characteristic of solutions or melts of macromolecular compounds, of natural and synthetic resins, and of disperse systems containing polymers. Stickiness is a useful property for glues, varnishes, paints, lutes, and some lubricating and sealing compounds. However, in some molded materials (such as plastics and bread dough), stickiness is often detrimental, since it causes difficulty in manufacturing the finished product. Stickiness can be reduced or totally eliminated by lyophobization of the surface (that is, by weakening the molecular interaction between the surface and the substance of the adhering material); surface-active agents are usually used for this purpose.


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Stickiness has been associated with quality of website content, but stickiness and time spent may be part of a larger construct encompassing all web use in totality.
Initiation stickiness is the difficulty in recognising opportunities for change and acting upon them.
Operating under the hypothesis that stickiness is a property of the tannin rather than a function of its concentration in the system; it was predicted that stickiness would not be affected by concentration.
Since cytokinesis in the genus Passiflora is of the simultaneous type, that is, it occurs at the end of Telophase II, chromosome stickiness verified during the meiosis phases that precede cytoplasm cleavage may have caused failure in the cytokinesis process, forming triads, dyads and monads (Figure 3B-F).
Calc Carb - Stickiness of the lids on waking, photophobia in a cold wind.
In particular, we will develop useful analytical methods to approximate the steady state behaviour of an economy with stickiness, and to characterize the economys response to aggregate shocks.
The stickiness is related to the starch content of the pasta sheet, which in turn is related to the cooking temperature and time.
Scientists at Rutgers University set out to understand the factors that control stickiness in wheat flour tortilla products.
In comparison with hard chrome or nickel phase vapor deposition, the Vickersil is a passive coating avoiding the stickiness of plastics and elastomers.
So strong is the stickiness of some geckos' feet that the lizards can hang from a ceiling by a single toe.
He posits three rules: the Law of the Few, the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context.
This process can prevent a wet surface layer, which causes stickiness and hinders flowability, and drier clay interlayers, lowering the efficiency of clay activation and bonding.