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The continued use of a product or service. See sticky.



the capability of a highly viscous liquid or of an elastically plastic viscous body to hold firmly to a solid surface in the form of a sufficiently thick layer. Objects and their materials are called sticky if they combine adhesion (the ability to stick to a given surface) with cohesion (interlinking of molecules within the sticking body).

The phenomenon of stickiness is a specific characteristic of solutions or melts of macromolecular compounds, of natural and synthetic resins, and of disperse systems containing polymers. Stickiness is a useful property for glues, varnishes, paints, lutes, and some lubricating and sealing compounds. However, in some molded materials (such as plastics and bread dough), stickiness is often detrimental, since it causes difficulty in manufacturing the finished product. Stickiness can be reduced or totally eliminated by lyophobization of the surface (that is, by weakening the molecular interaction between the surface and the substance of the adhering material); surface-active agents are usually used for this purpose.