stiff frame

rigid frame

A structural framework in which all columns and beams are rigidly connected; there are no hinged joints and the angular relationship between beam and column members are maintained under load.
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The semi-bonneted design has enabled the Toyota development team to implement a stiff frame with a flexible suspension, offering greater stability and manoeuvrability.
First was defined the mathematical model of a car with two masses and an infinitely stiff frame. This model is described by equations (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) [1,4,7] and is shown in Figure 3
The tongue has a stiff frame surrounded by elastic muscles.
It can be noted that the dynamic model with perfectly stiff frame ([c.sub.z] = [infinity]) can be reduced to a system with just one degree of freedom of the form:
In the video Titan, 2007, he staggers nude through an ink-black dungeon, his stiff frame dragging skeletal, upright armatures decked out with neon tubing.
plywood (B) and nail two of them to the 1x4 boards (C) to make a stiff frame for the pegboard.
(2) Peter then bound the two circles together with string into one, stiff frame. "Now we sew the net onto the wire frame.
This Titanium racket provides great power from it's extraordinarily stiff frame. Balanced, responsive to touch and powerful especially when serving, this all-rounder is an excellent choice for beginners as well as the average club player.
One of the challenges was that we have a very stiff frame for the box and also a very stiff chassis frame.
The stiff frame also provides the ASF with low noise and vibration characteristics, he noted.
Whereas, as illustrated in Table 9, results from analysis of the isolated structure (e.g., IIC) embedded into the outer stiff frames with fixed bases while connected to the outer frames only at the topmost floor (e.g., IIC-10th) show that time period and interstory drift ratio decrease from 0.87 s to 0.569 s and 0.20 to 0.0149, respectively, even in comparison to the IFBC-10th structure.
However, nowadays the alloys used can provide an excellent alternative for a lower price, making great quality, light and stiff frames available for all budgets.