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Indeed," said John with a certain stiffness in his manner.
My left arm was numb, as though paralysed, and days passed before I could use it, while weeks went by before the last stiffness and pain went out of it.
No one knew better than Stepan Arkadyevitch how to hit on the exact line between freedom, simplicity, and official stiffness necessary for the agreeable conduct of business.
She arose with the abrupt stiffness of an automaton, poured herself a cup of cold coffee, and in the same jerky way sat down again.
8,968,265 B2 Absorbent Article Fastening Device Having Stiffness Changing Characteristics: Mark James Kline, Okeana, OH; Jeromy Thomas Raycheck, Lebanon, OH; Arman Ashraf, Hamilton, OH; and Urmish Popatal Dalai, Milford, OH.
The patient-reported symptom of morning stiffness is a cause of morbidity and productivity loss for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), including patients with early disease as well as those with low disease activity or in remission.
Arterial stiffness was evaluated via pulse-wave velocity measurement or other methods.
The new expert tool instantaneously generates a precise, quantifiable measure of tissue stiffness, providing clinicians with accurate and consistent data which may be used to identify underlying disease.
Boasting outstanding stiffness and clarity and improved productivity is the new Inspire 6000 series for film and thermoforming.
Arterial Stiffness Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014 http://www.
The amount of stiffness in the participants' arteries was measured about two years later.
Effectively increasing stiffness of the RGO hip joints in the sagittal plane may reduce arm loading.