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Much was made of how golf has been played since the 15th century at the course by the BBC commentators, and you have to feel that when golf was starting out the fairways might not have been so manicured and the dreadful weather also may have been stoically ignored to get a round in.
He selected a very religiously appropriate depiction of Jesus, and sat there stoically while the image was inked in.
Her family said she died on Thursday June 4 "from an illness stoically borne".
Her family said she died last Thursday "from an illness stoically borne".
Her family said she died aged 99 last Thursday "from an illness stoically borne".
But when tragedy strikes, mum Claire responds to disaster not by stoically enduring, but by falling into a deep depression.
But I am still breathing and alive to tell the tale," he says stoically.
On the Bahrain side, Customs seems to be understaffed because they stoically maintain their "single lane" philosophy.
A BOY I know is stricken by a degenerative illness and endures much pain and discomfort stoically.
TIME may stoically march on, but the fondness for legends and folklores never fades away.
The story of Hartley's band, which stoically continued playing on the ship's deck until the disaster's final hour, is a memorable part of James Cameron's "Titanic,'' when Hartley and his colleagues are seen playing ''Nearer, My God, To Thee'' as the passengers around them scream and drown in the icy water.
Cairo streets often contain more than just cars and pedestrians; small businesses spill out on pavements, stray dogs and cats fight for dominion of street corners and the occasional flock of sheep resides stoically on the sides of major thoroughfares.