stop end

stop end, stopped end

1. The closed end of gutter or ridge capping.
2. The squared-off, finished end of a wall.
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Some easy cost reductions; stop end of career bonuses and pension enhancements, stop paying the settlements for employee and politicians misbehavior.
"I will request the Pakistan government to please stop end these drone attacks, and the situation."
The second half produced non stop end to end football with the Pov grabbing an equaliser.
In addition, a new multi-use section has been developed to serve as a stop end, a reducer and a door frame for double action doors.
On runway surfaces, the test is carried out approximately 20ft (6m) either side of the centreline, with readings taken in each third (touchdown, middle and stop end) of the runway and averaged out.
• Automatic Weather Stations near RWY thresholds serving as Wind Measurement Systems contain sensors with accessories and data logger mounted on ten metre high fully frangible pole masts located by TDZ and Stop End of the runway.
Screw the outlets support bracket to the fascia board over the downpipe and no more than 50mm below the tile level, in this case the outlet doubles as the stop end.
A road that runs north-south almost at a right angle to the stop end of Runway 31 is currently categorised as a 5m obstacle, which prevents the full length of Runway 13 being used for landings.
The half way entertaining physical punch-ups have been replaced by non stop end of the pier smut.