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What: Steve Kleiman, chief technology officer and senior vice president of Engineering at Network Appliance, will speak on the panel, "Combined SAN and NAS Solutions: Block and File Level Communication in One Box," with spokespeople from EMC, HP, and IBM at the Third Annual Gilder/Forbes Storewidth Conference on March 25 in Laguna Niguel, California.
com), will be speaking on a panel titled "SAN Connectivity: high-end competition in the mid-range HBA market" at the Third Annual Gilder/Forbes Storewidth Conference at 3 p.
Z-force joins top thought and business leaders of the storage and networking industries who will gather at the Storewidth 2003 Conference to debate the merits of new and emerging technologies, review existing products and services and assess the overall health of the industry.
Daly, will be a featured speaker at the third annual Storewidth Conference that will be held in Laguna Niguel, California, from March 23 to 25, 2003.
Ron Bianchini, CEO and president of Spinnaker Networks -- an innovative leader in developing next-generation NAS storage systems -- will participate in a special event highlighting private companies within the storage industry at Storewidth 2002, March 24-27, in Laguna Niguel, Calif.
AMEX: XLA), today announced that Bob Hammond, Senior Vice President Advanced Technology Group and General Manager Web Services, will speak at the upcoming Gilder Technology 2002 Storewidth Conference, taking place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel, CA on March 25-27.
The Storewidth conference focuses on the interface between bandwidth and storage -- how to convert abundant bandwidth and vast heterogeneous troves of stored data into accessible information.
com) to promote the upcoming Storewidth Conference with USVO's Zmail.
Solid Data Systems, the leading provider of file-caching appliances for the Internet and digital communications markets, announced that Michael Casey, vice president of marketing for Solid Data Systems, will be presenting at the Storewidth 2001 conference in Laguna Niguel, California, April 10 to 12.
Mirror Image Internet's senior vice president of advanced technology group, Bob Hammond, will address the audience of the Gilder Technology 2001 Storewidth Conference on Tuesday in a session titled, "Edgewidth vs Storewidth," and on Thursday in a session titled "Content Distribution and Content Delivery Networks.
NASDAQ:STOR), the world's leading provider of data storage management services, will present at Storewidth 2001--The End of Storage, Gilder Publishing's First Annual Storewidth Industry Conference.
Seven executives of the world's leading storage and Internet companies gathered today in Boston to explain their roles in the emerging storewidth industry in advance of the first industry conference hosted by Gilder Publishing, LLC in Dana Point, California April 10-12.