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(US), story
1. a floor or level of a building
2. a set of rooms on one level


David (Malcolm). born 1933, British novelist and dramatist. His best-known works include the novels This Sporting Life (1960) and A Serious Man (1998) and the plays In Celebration (1969), Home (1970), and Stages (1992)

story (Brit. storey)

1. The space in a building between floor levels, or between a floor and a roof above. In some codes and ordinances a basement is considered as a story; generally a cellar is not.
2. A major architectural division even where no floor exists, as a tier or a row of windows.
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Second, 'residential side buildings' include two storeys of rest house, three storeys of residence for employees of grades 1 to 10, three storeys for employees of grades 11 to 14, four storeys for employees of grades 16 to 18, two storeys for officers of grade 19, single storey block of grade 20 and three storeys of National Academy Of Performing Arts (NAPA).
Third, 'educational and prayers buildings' include three storeys of NAPA Academy, two storeys of middle school for boys (prisoners), two storeys of middle school for girls (prisoners), two storeys of middle school for boys (colony), two storeys of middle school for girls (colony), two storeys of vocational training and factory block a, single storey of vocational training and factory block, two storeys of prison mosque, two storeys of colony mosque, single storey of prayer hall for minorities, single storey of PCO utilities and multipurpose halls, two storeys of staff club, one storey of bank post office and shops, three storeys of gatehouse 1 and 2, one storey of machine room and single storey of tractor shed.
North East-based Storey Carpets is celebrating after winning a major national award for the third consecutive year.
The Storey Carpet group has 37 outlets throughout the North East including Walter Wall, Storey Carpets stores and ukcarpetsdirect.
Castletown was an ideal choice because of the sheer numbers of flooring customers already at the site visiting either Storeys or Walter Wall carpets.
Storeys have also announced plans to open more Woodland Floors stores and are looking for retail units of between 3,500 and 5,500 square feet throughout the North.
That's because descending 100 storeys in an elevator is about the maximum a human can cope with in one go, because of the change in air pressure.
Part B: Block "A1" of VII storey blocks "A", "B", "E" VI storeys high,
Building height - six storeys, with basement-timbered buildings, with partial cooperation masonry walls.
Storeys are confident that all three formats will make suitable franchise operations.
Inside, the two lower storeys were punctuated by rows of columns.
The cafeteria pokes into the corner of the interior garden, and the two storeys of offices in the administrative block look down onto the space, and out through it to the Black Forest.