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(US), story
1. a floor or level of a building
2. a set of rooms on one level


David (Malcolm). born 1933, British novelist and dramatist. His best-known works include the novels This Sporting Life (1960) and A Serious Man (1998) and the plays In Celebration (1969), Home (1970), and Stages (1992)
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story (Brit. storey)

1. The space in a building between floor levels, or between a floor and a roof above. In some codes and ordinances a basement is considered as a story; generally a cellar is not.
2. A major architectural division even where no floor exists, as a tier or a row of windows.
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A number of leaseholders approached CDA, who wished to build extra storeys on their plots ranging between old and new building parameters i.e.
However, the CDA planning wing was unable to process their cases because there was no provision to approve building plans in between the number of storeys fixed by CDA board in its both decisions.
North East-based Storey Carpets is celebrating after winning a major national award for the third consecutive year.
The Storey Carpet group has 37 outlets throughout the North East including Walter Wall, Storey Carpets stores and and has a workforce of over 320.
The success of this operation has lead to Storeys investing in a huge new Woodland Floors department inside their superstore in Castletown.
It was not used to describe buildings until the first modern skyscraper was completed in Chicago in 1885; it was ten storeys high.
First, the 'prison side buildings' which include three storeys of administration block, four storeys of sentry posts, two storeys of male barracks, two storeys of male juvenile barracks, two storeys of women and female juvenile barracks, single storey of gallows, four storeys of central watch tower, two storeys of main kitchen and kitchen barracks, two storeys of hospital, two storeys of indoor hall, single storey of male laundry, two storeys of family conjugal quarters, single storey of prisoner processing, single storey of prisoner library, and three storeys of warden barracks (male and female).
Phil said: "I am looking forward to helping Storeys develop its exciting new franchise concept which is unique to the industry.
Inside, the two lower storeys were punctuated by rows of columns.
The cafeteria pokes into the corner of the interior garden, and the two storeys of offices in the administrative block look down onto the space, and out through it to the Black Forest.
This is entered from the west end and is punctuated by two dramatic double-storey lightwells, with the second storey illuminated by continuous clerestorey glazing.