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storm petrel:

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, common name given various oceanic birds belonging, like the albatross and the shearwater, to the order known commonly as tube-nosed swimmers. There are two families of petrels: the storm petrels (Hydrobatidae) and the diving petrels (Pelecanoididae).
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(38.) See Hudson, "Flight of the Stormy Petrel," Atlanta History 17.
The wreckage of Mr Burrell's two-week-old Suzuki GSX-R 1000 bike will be displayed at the Stormy Petrel meets throughout the summer.
Billy Mitchell: "Stormy Petrel of the Air" by Roger G.
And, in April 1858, the stormy petrel of the abolition movement, John Brown, turned up in British Canada, determined to raise men and money for a slave uprising in the United States.
The days of the socialist stormy petrel Ram Manohar Lohia taking on the doyen of Indian politics and first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the lively debates that sprung on issues that shaped India.
Billy Mitchell "Stormy Petrel of the Air." By Roger G.
l The Stormy Petrel - was an oyster dredger which worked the North Kent oyster beds.
It is fitting that one of the best essays here deals with the stormy petrel of recent British historical writing.
The return of stormy petrel Pierre Van Hooijdonk has undoubtedly been a boost but Forest's cause this evening is not helped by the absence of suspended Steve Stone.
British Labour MP Clare Short has always been a stormy petrel. Throughout her political career, most of which had been spent on the opposition benches, Ms Short has made no effort to mince her words or dress them in diplomatic niceties.
In 1901 he was arrested for publishing a revolutionary poem, "Pesnya o burevestnike" ("Song of the Stormy Petrel"); he was released shortly afterward and went to the Crimea, having developed tuberculosis.
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