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1. a narration of a chain of events told or written in prose or verse
2. a piece of fiction, briefer and usually less detailed than a novel
3. the plot of a book, film, etc.
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The space in a building between floor levels; in some codes a basement is considered a story, generally a cellar is not; a major architectural division even where no floor exists, as a tier or a row of windows.
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(building construction)
The space between two floors or between a floor and the roof.
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story (Brit. storey)

1. The space in a building between floor levels, or between a floor and a roof above. In some codes and ordinances a basement is considered as a story; generally a cellar is not.
2. A major architectural division even where no floor exists, as a tier or a row of windows.
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Woman in the story of Khaze by Ibrahim Ahmed is weak human being and doesn't feel the existence of pity, but the protagonist of the story of La Wlati Qaramanan, has received the medal of Lenin and she is very courageous as if she is the mother of Maxim Gorky.
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Like these other supplicants, the rich man in the Mark 10 story runs up to Jesus on the road and falls on his knees, using the same Greek word ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) as the leper in Mark 1:40.
While we're not perfect, now our editors work with the writers in the cases where the source isn't happy with the story or wants to rewrite it.
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His little cylindrical box was not as sexy as some of the more high-tech gizmos NASA is known for producing, but his story kept us riveted, laughing, listening, and cheering him on.