straight flight

straight flight, straight stair

A stair extending in one direction only, with no turns or winders.
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When I stretched out under the covers for the straight flight back to Manila, my last thought before falling asleep was that business class is so worth it.
Some study considers free flight but still assumes only straight flight possibility [9].
Had the aircraft been in straight flight, comparison of the ground track versus heading and groundspeed to approximate TAS would've been a valid one.
But the vendors want long, straight flight lines for efficiency, so there has to be a high level of cooperation and coordination among the agencies and the state." USGS has been instrumental in backfilling these acquisitions because they have no land management concerns restricting where their funding can be spent.
The blades open to a 1.5-inch cutting diameter on impact through a scissoring cantilever design to create wide blood trails, but also assure straight flight from the fastest bows.
A Newel is usually the central supporting pillar of a spiral staircase but can also refer to the upright post that supports the handrail of a stair bannister or the principal post at the foot of a straight flight of stairs.
He said: "Staircase costs and designs vary hugely but expect to pay PS500 for an off-the-shelf straight flight. Most staircases are built bespoke for each project by joiners.
Fly-over points could be either the circular flight turns or various on-ground objects in straight flight trajectory.
Like a bar-room dart, this creates a projectile naturally inclined to straight flight (all other factors remaining equal) but also carrying greater penetration potential.
Full recovery, accord to the FAA, "is made with a minimum loss of altitude to straight flight on the entry heading at [V.sub.SSE] or [V.sub.YSE], before setting symmetrical power.
Entry into the house is through a striking reception hall, the focal feature being a beautiful wide-based, straight flight staircase with attractive walnut handrail.