straight stair

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straight stair

A stair with a single straight flight of steps between levels.

winding stair

Any stair constructed chiefly or entirely of winders.
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straight flight, straight stair

A stair extending in one direction only, with no turns or winders.
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"The UK market is by far the most lucrative - around 40% of the world's stair lifts end up here and around 70% of those are straight stair lifts," said Mr Long.
To do this, select a home design that includes a single, straight stair without turns, intermediate landings, or switchbacks.
These products can traverse a flight of straight stairs or even sloping terrain, as may be needed to descend to a boat dock, for example.
In addition to creating intricate metalwork pieces, Symmetrical Stair specializes in wood curved and straight stairs, as well as handrails, made from cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, and from rare and exotic woods.
Whether you choose metal, wooden, carpeted, open, closed, spiral or straight stairs, there are so many different options available today that you are sure to find something to fit any decor.
The most common type of stairlift use in private homes is on straight stairs; it employs a straight rail of "track" that is attached to the staircase.