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1. (esp of an alcoholic drink) undiluted; neat
2. (of a play, acting style, etc.) straightforward or serious
3. US sold at a fixed unit price irrespective of the quantity sold
4. Boxing (of a blow) delivered with an unbent arm
5. (of the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine) in line, rather than in a V-formation or in some other arrangement
6. a slang word for heterosexual
7. Slang not using narcotics; not addicted
8. Brit a straight part of a racetrack
9. Poker
a. five cards that are in sequence irrespective of suit
b. a hand containing such a sequence
c. (as modifier): a straight flush
10. Slang a cigarette containing only tobacco, without marijuana, etc.
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What does it mean when you dream about straightness?

For a dream to somehow emphasize straightness (as in a straight road) can indicate that the dreamer intends—or needs to—get things straightened out in her or her life. Perhaps a situation or a business deal was underhanded or “crooked.”

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of at a have to your comfort brief Champions against in and then in th"First team football is really demanding, it's a step up from U23 football and you can tell that straightaway
Lekhwiya's problems were further confounded when Karim Boudiaf was sent off for a straightaway red card.
I'll be at Goodison hoping that Watford struggle to gel straightaway too.
Roy Hodgson is a far better candidate than Pearce ever will be, but he has a problem straightaway getting the fans onside because he isn't the popular people's choice, Spurs boss Harry Redknapp.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Friday straightaway rejected to follow US toe-line prior requirement for attending the upcoming Chicago conference.
Let me say straightaway that I do not know Mr Blake and all I know about his case is what I have read in the media.
On the next straightaway, I pull the tip up rapidly, giving the illusion of a bait fleeing toward the surface.
In this very readable novel we find ourselves straightaway immersed in the lives of adolescents.
They should move to a dual fuel, pay by direct debit and sign up to an online plan to enjoy lower prices straightaway."
Once given the go ahead the company can start working on the prototype straightaway. IDC says this replaces the traditional process of sending CAD files to a prototyping specialist and waiting for a manual response.
We're in a new BMW M5 tearing down the straightaway at the Lime Rock racetrack in Connecticut.
A straightaway! And then - >>>> - a 25 mph curve.