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1. (esp of an alcoholic drink) undiluted; neat
2. (of a play, acting style, etc.) straightforward or serious
3. US sold at a fixed unit price irrespective of the quantity sold
4. Boxing (of a blow) delivered with an unbent arm
5. (of the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine) in line, rather than in a V-formation or in some other arrangement
6. a slang word for heterosexual
7. Slang not using narcotics; not addicted
8. Brit a straight part of a racetrack
9. Poker
a. five cards that are in sequence irrespective of suit
b. a hand containing such a sequence
c. (as modifier): a straight flush
10. Slang a cigarette containing only tobacco, without marijuana, etc.

What does it mean when you dream about straightness?

For a dream to somehow emphasize straightness (as in a straight road) can indicate that the dreamer intends—or needs to—get things straightened out in her or her life. Perhaps a situation or a business deal was underhanded or “crooked.”

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But groups do travel with a straighter trajectory and therefore get to their destination more quickly.
"That, for some reason, allows me to bowl quicker and straighter without being flat."
This no-cabin model provides straighter holes, more safety and comfort for the operator and easy-access maintenance.
Shivnarine Chanderpaul remained at the crease before Tendulkar bowled a brilliant straighter delivery to fox West Indian spinner Shane Shillingford and get him out leg before wicket.
Plus, the recess you cut will be much straighter and cleaner, making the patching work much easier.
Seller Is ready to train YOU.Established Paint and Body shop.Spray booth,Frame straighter,many repair related tools.3 full time techs painting & repairing,seller works the counter/office area.Fenced in stand alone building with parking lot.Located St Rd 7/ RT441 Hollywood area.
Being able to drive the ball straighter with more consistency.
This orthodontic option is an attractive choice for adults that would like straighter teeth and more attractive smiles but do not want to wear a set of metal braces usually seen on teens.
As a general guideline, prints with straight lines such as stripes or graphics work best on straighter bodies while rounder, softer shapes work best on curvier bodies.
The Napoli is a straighter design, with solid square handles to operate the hot and cold functions and also features a straighter spout than the Florence.
Hopefully he'll be straighter than he was there and he did that well enough.