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1. (esp of an alcoholic drink) undiluted; neat
2. (of a play, acting style, etc.) straightforward or serious
3. US sold at a fixed unit price irrespective of the quantity sold
4. Boxing (of a blow) delivered with an unbent arm
5. (of the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine) in line, rather than in a V-formation or in some other arrangement
6. a slang word for heterosexual
7. Slang not using narcotics; not addicted
8. Brit a straight part of a racetrack
9. Poker
a. five cards that are in sequence irrespective of suit
b. a hand containing such a sequence
c. (as modifier): a straight flush
10. Slang a cigarette containing only tobacco, without marijuana, etc.

What does it mean when you dream about straightness?

For a dream to somehow emphasize straightness (as in a straight road) can indicate that the dreamer intends—or needs to—get things straightened out in her or her life. Perhaps a situation or a business deal was underhanded or “crooked.”

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According to the Daily Star, a close friend of the family said that the doctors have told Corinna straightly that it is looking increasingly likely that any recovery from the medically induced come will be partial.
CLINICAL FEATURES: These lesions clinically present as capillary hemangiomas where small or large flat or straightly elevated, red to purple, soft and lobulated lesions, varying in size from a few millimeters to few centimeters in diameter occur.
In his work with autistic boys, his methodological offer goes straightly to the right because in the first phases this gives them confidence and strength to continue acting; on the other hand, in his paternity, he always proposes investigation as educational method.
The players will be straightly driven to the stadium soon after their arrival at the airport, Hotak said.
3]LS method with sparse constraint and the other methods (such as backward method and forward-backward method) can be constructed straightly.
The KNP have black glossy hairs, a caved face, big eyes, long straight noses, straightly upright ears, round shoulders, a narrow rear back and small body weight.
The safety expenditures are much more like an investment that delivers profit to the business; the difference is that these profits aren't straightly mentioned in the income or profit statistics of a business.
US and its western allies aren't entering Almaty Talks for solving the issue, nevertheless economic and political challenges along with none acceptance of the western supported governments in the region, Syria situation and other regional issues will make them pay more attention to Iran's rule, but the talks with them is not going in the way that straightly solves the nuclear issue.
For our interest, the problem of wave propagation and absorption is straightly connected to the solution of Maxwell's equations.
Human target faces opposite direction in the second position where the human back faces the radar straightly.
He sat straightly on the chair, concentrated on the laptop screen, and quickly typed on the keyboard.