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However removing 30% strands 4 weeks after pollination attained the highest fruit quality as compared with other thinning treatments (Moustafa 1997; Harhash 2000).
During release of the pretensioned reinforcement from the prestressing frame strands are shortening and adhesion and mechanical bond are damaged at the ends of prestressed concrete member.
This allows us to separate the two strands of a DNA molecule without, breaking the strands.
Production constraints typically limit the ability to obtain detailed information about the movement of strands within the forming line.
Waterslide pelletizing systems with throughput rates as high as 30,000 lb/hr use an inclined water conveyor to condition strands prior to dry or wet cutting by a strand pelletizer.
In the webs of modern orb-web spiders, long strands of silk connect at a center point, like the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
Most of the silk strands are straight or slightly curved, and some are connected in a pattern similar to that seen in webs spun by modern orb-web spiders.
A 25-bulb strand of regular tree lights costs about $2.
Kenora to be the site of one of three laminated lumber strand plants in NorthAmerica
Although the prestressed strands have proven to be a boon to structural engineers, the growing prominence of improved construction materials - such as high-performance concrete, which requires an equally powerful strand - forced manufacturers to consider even stronger strands.
The large bulbs of C-9 strands draw 7 watts each; the medium-size bulbs of C-7 strands draw 5 watts each.
Two hundred strands on the top surface of the panel were measured, and the histogram is shown in Figure 1.