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In addition to using the concepts of strange attractors,
We contend that the meaning of such diverse threats, over time and with careful plotting of behavior, could produce a strange attractor effect.
They might indeed be the mathematical equivalent of strange attractors.
Writing from a Freudian standpoint, Schwartz argued that the pre-Challenger NASA had become enthralled with an organizational "fantasy" of perfection and invulnerability: "the business of NASA had become the creation of the image of American society's perfection."(37) Indeed, for all NASA employees "the motivational base of organizational life" had become this sense of perfection; in terms of chaos theory, the notion of NASA's infallibility functioned as an organizational strange attractor.
Because of the highly nonlinear interactions of cannibalism, the model has it all: extinction, stable points, periodic cycles, aperiodic orbits, multiple attractors, and strange attractors. Second, the laboratory or field data tend to be collected for reasons other than testing a specific mathematical model.
Perhaps this indicates the formation of a strange attractor, as its Julia set looks like a Julia set for the time interval 1975-1981 (strange attractor).
For complex dynamic systems the boundaries of the systems are the limits within which the strange attractor functions (Pryor & Bright, 2007a).
Performers Joe Banks, known as Disinformation, and Mark Pilkington, known as Strange Attractor, will present their set which was influenced by the inventor Tesla, who was the first to broadcast radio signals.
Similarly, the professional poker player may be willing to cut his losses at five-card stud (an EFG because it involves multiple turns, players, payoffs, strategies, and substrategies) and accept a smaller pot rather than play through to the end and face a new dealer later in the game (a strange attractor) who clearly knows the fine art of dealing.
There are some zones of transition between regular behavior and chaotic behavior found in (Motomancea 1998) which in (Motomancea &Bugaru 2000) present a clear aspect of strange attractor. Fig.
The central tendency which is tracked by the system may be considered (in the language of Chaos mathematics) as the system's "strange attractor." If the physical conditions of the system remain constant, then the oscillation will "fine-tune" itself to the strange attractor, and the oscillation can become very consistent, and predictable, with a balanced interplay between Novelty and Goal-seeking.
The chaos theory of career conceptualizes the functioning of complex dynamical systems in terms of the strange attractor. An attractor is a repertoire of behaviors that are directed toward a particular end state (Kaufman, 1995).